When a rat infestation problem occurs, it is difficult to choose between a glue trap, snap trap, live catch trap, or bait with rat poison. You can also think of using ultrasonic waves to drive away, rather than eliminate, mice. However, mice are quite persistent pests and ultrasonic methods are not always able to provide effective protection.

Before making the choice, you should be aware that there is no bait or rat trap that can catch these rodents with 100% certainty. For this reason it is advisable to rely on an experienced interlocutor, able to choose the method of deratization most appropriate to the context in which it is to be applied. Equally important is to use a constant rodent monitoring service to avoid infestations within the property. https://pestcontrolhacks.com/ – here you can get more complex information about rat traps.

Rodents, thanks to their constant evolution, are more and more resistant to rat traps and poisons, if used in a non-strategic way.

Mouse poison

Mouse poisons (rodenticides) are distinguished in acute, when they cause the death of the mouse after a few hours, and in chronic when they cause the death of the mouse in longer time.
Mouse poisons, in accordance with the Ordinance of the Ministry of Health, contain substances that prevent their ingestion by humans. In general, the deratizing products to eliminate mice contain as an active ingredient an anticoagulant, which causes dehydration. In this way the mouse will tend to move away from the building in search of water.

You have to be very careful because the rodenticide poison is toxic and dangerous not only for mice, but also for larger animals and humans. Rather than using rat poison without the proper knowledge, Rentokil recommends using the help of a professional to catch and remove mice.

RADAR trap to eliminate mice

The RADAR mouse trap (rodent activated detection and disposal device) is a Rentokil innovation specifically designed for high-risk business environments. As a bait-free, cruel-action trap, it is the perfect choice to eliminate mice in areas where rodenticides cannot be used. RADAR technology is available exclusively through Rentokil and only our customers can benefit from its many advantages. Our customized RADAR trap mice elimination programs are designed to effectively and discreetly reduce rat infestations with a 24-hour effective capture program.

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