Every owner or gardener faces a problem from time to time – thickets of grass, weeds and bushes near the house or in the garden. There are various ways to destroy them, but one of the most affordable is a brushcutter . This simple device can be bought at almost any online gardening equipment store. The price usually depends on the model. Are you know how walk behind string trimmers? No? So, use this article.

But buying a gasoline brushcutter is not a tricky business. Everyone has long been interested in how to use it correctly so that it lasts a long time and effectively. Experts of the online store have prepared TOP-7 tips that will help extend the life of your petrol cutter.

Timely clean the protective cover and the shaft from adhering grass

During mowing, small mowed grasses can stick to the guard and the brush bar. This is especially noticeable when working with the trimmer head. Then it all dries up and not only makes the mower heavier, but also spoils its design. That is why it is important to clean the brushcutter in time after each mowing.

Do not leave fuel in the brushcutter’s gas tank

Gasoline, like any other liquid, tends to evaporate. If fuel is left in the brushcutter’s fuel tank after mowing, excessive evaporation can damage the working mechanism. This is especially true in hot and sunny weather, when the risk of evaporation is very high.

Do not use knives on uneven surfaces or near obstacles

It is important to remember that different attachments are foreseen for different tasks in the brushcutter. For example, the trimmer head is fitted with a special line and allows you to cut grassy plants or weeds into small pieces. The knives are designed to cut grass evenly and cut off larger bushes. Since knives can easily become dull, it is best not to mow with them near obstacles. With a fishing line, you can easily work near stones, curbs, posts, on an uneven surface. She is not afraid of collisions with obstacles and easily straightens up after colliding with them.

Use attachments of the correct size

As a rule, the operating instructions indicate the preferred line diameter and the width of the cut that the brushcutter can cut. Inserting too long or coarse line into the trimmer head can put too much stress on the engine, resulting in engine failure and reduced efficiency.

The same goes for mowing knives. If you take a knife that is too large or heavy, it will also create excessive centrifugal force, which will cause the brushcutter engine to overstrain.

Clean or change the air filter in time

The air filter is one of the most important elements of the brushcutter as it affects the engine’s performance. If it gets heavily clogged, the device may stall or start poorly. Therefore, to keep the technical characteristics of gasoline brushcutters at their height, constantly monitor the condition of the filter.

Do not run constantly at maximum speed

Each lawn mower has its own motor life. If you work at maximum speed all the time, this can lead to rapid engine wear. The throttle button on the brushcutter handle allows you to adjust the engine speed.

Sharpen or change knives as needed

If you often mow various weeds and bushes, then you definitely need to buy a mowing knife for a brushcutter, since the line will no longer cope with such vegetation. But all knives tend to dull. Because of this, they will cut poorly and create additional stress on the engine. Once you feel a lot harder to mow, you can check your petrol cutter blades and sharpen or replace them as needed.

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